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theannelevineshow July 25, 2023

Poke Salad (Amongst ourselves or not), Celery (What’s the point), The proper tuna sandwich, Tri-State Area Chicken Salad, Israel, Politics, The Not Really An Argument Argument™, Revisiting the Half-sandwich, The 20 inch “sandwich,” Vegetarianism, People in Greenland (been there – done that), Sandwitchery, Summer clothing for Michael, The “Pregnancy Sandwich,” […]

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Art & Fashion

60s Spa cuisine

theannelevineshow December 10, 2018

Subscription to the Daily Forward (In Yiddish), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Going to the Catskills,  Eating Lunch in your Own Car, New York Stuff, Larry Levine in Hawaii, Anne never picked the right one,  Beverly Hill’s Billy,  Earhustle, Tablet, Unorthodox, Mary Stewart Living,  The Teacher’s Pet,  Camping,  Kathy Griffin and  […]

Animals and Pets

Name Game

theannelevineshow March 22, 2016

Spring 2016 allegedly arrives in New England at the same time as Winter Storm Regis, weather, weather, Plimoth Plantationists “storm” the beach at Corn Hill, the Douchebag™ Burger, Seafood (which in turn led to), NAMING STUFF, The Most Expensive Meals in the World and buying a BMW with Food Stamps. […]

Animals and Pets

Sad, Maron.

theannelevineshow July 9, 2013

Marc Maron can’t handle the truth (or even acknowledge it), A Rachel Sighting in P-Town, Saturday with a “Hollywood Hack”™ and the Ever Lovely Bunhead™ and Joanie comes to town. Also: More Florida insanity, Short Songs, What happens when Andy Wins, Hitler Fried Chicken (No kidding), Being Horrified and Where’s […]