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Kiss Attack

Michael September 12, 2023

A lot of stuff going on, Summer friends heading out, AMAZING dinner, Rosh Hashana (Friday), The Jans (Never happened EVER before), OG Cell phone etiquette, KISS ATTACK, Halloween, What Anne smelled like, The DATE STORY, and Can’t talk right now but how’s it going?

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Dog Days

theannelevineshow July 18, 2023

Sounding like someone else (A small ’tiscussion’), Summer weather, Thunder and the dogs, Historical fiction, China, Foot Binding, 15 yr old Maya Merhige swims around Manhattan, Lisa See (author), The half sandwich situation™ (revisited), More Instacart stuff, And what is a sandwich anyway? Plus: Strawberries, Dr. Charles, Medical Dramas, Oliver […]

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Art & Fashion

Yonkers Bonkers

theannelevineshow January 21, 2019

Anne is sick, The Wheel Taker™, Pop Culture, The New Baby Boom, Scarlett, Crying it Out, A Bronx Tale, Bonkers About Yonkers, Embarrassing Your Shrink, Israeli Accents, and Psychoanalysts Who Get Judge-y. Plus: God, Showing Off Your Language Skills, Click To Pray, Shogun, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and Religious Money.

Art & Fashion

Mural’s Wedding

theannelevineshow April 4, 2017

Michael’s Plantain skills, Cape Cod’s Mystery Paintings For Sale, Anti-Semitism, Anne’s Wedding Consultancy, Weddings, Wedding Dresses, [NEW BOOK ALERT] I Actually Wore This, Nightmare Wedding Stories, Dresses Number Two and Three, The Pictures are the most important thing, Redoing the whole thing, Quick change Wedding, Destination Weddings and more!

Animals and Pets

A Kim Jong Il Production

theannelevineshow May 5, 2015

NORTH KOREA, Weird kidnappings, The Bird Report™ and NEW PRINCESS on today’s Cinco de Mayo Show! Plus, Vampire Prosecutor, Deforestation, Keeping things “Natural”, Surveying the Damage and what to wear to the wedding now that Kate Middleton wore your dress. Also: The Jerk next door and who’s checking us out?


Invisible Boyfriend

theannelevineshow March 17, 2015

Anne and Michael’s odd coincidence involving Robert Durst – Whack-job and accused murderer – and the HBO Documentary, The Jinx; The Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend app, St. Patrick’s Day and A Very Bad Idea in the Bronx.

Art & Fashion

Under the Influence

theannelevineshow July 15, 2014

Dear Listeners, there is a very good reason why the podcast of last night’s Anne Levine Show is a little late. Anne’s very first words will inform you as to why. Also: Dr. Dentist, Cellulitis, at the beach with the Aliens, Lighting Rocks on Fire and more Garment Center Stories!