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Is that a Bone in Your Pocket…?

theannelevineshow July 11, 2023

Em & Lar’s Anniversary, Stupid Weather, Fleeing to Uzbekistan, Talking to Konstantin, Refugees, Rosie Hates Thunderstorms, Fabulous Gifts from our Friends in Brooklyn, Jealous of Yaya, Instacart Protocols, The German Cook, The Pork Chop Incident, The Coat Return™, and We’re Not Gonna Take It.

Art & Fashion

Mural’s Wedding

theannelevineshow April 4, 2017

Michael’s Plantain skills, Cape Cod’s Mystery Paintings For Sale, Anti-Semitism, Anne’s Wedding Consultancy, Weddings, Wedding Dresses, [NEW BOOK ALERT] I Actually Wore This, Nightmare Wedding Stories, Dresses Number Two and Three, The Pictures are the most important thing, Redoing the whole thing, Quick change Wedding, Destination Weddings and more!

Art & Fashion

Money Money

theannelevineshow April 19, 2016

The Worst Thing to Spend Money On, Switching Money, Throwing Your Money Away, Leave a Penny – Take a Penny, A Real Hate Crime Attempted on Cape Cod, Israel and Palestinians. Plus: The Orange Street News, PlayDate and Is Yiddish about to turn cool?

Animals and Pets

Bear Bedding

theannelevineshow November 19, 2013

Michael’s Accent, Friendly Misunderstandings, Veggies at the Cracker Barrel, Good coffee/Bad coffee, Turkey Sandwiches and Christmas with the Other White Michael. Also: Trying to get Santa to visit, Homeland, Michael is WRONG, Revisiting The Sopranos, Batkid and Anne invents the Human “Car Wash.” Plus: Planetary Allegories, News From the Dunes™ […]

Art & Fashion

The Grand Experiment

theannelevineshow August 6, 2013

Anne tries out a new voice, Oven Settings on the Sinai, The Age Prevention Game, Keep Your Shirt On, Seeing Grandma, Does CBS Really Care and When do you Shvitz? Also: She Has Such A Beautiful Face™, More Sarcastic Food, THE SAME NECKLACE, Capitalizing on momentary fame to kickstart your […]

Chemicals & Diagnoses

Bump & Grind(r)

theannelevineshow November 15, 2011

Ever heard of Grindr (the smartphone ‘dating’ app)? If you haven’t tune in and hear about this worldwide phenomenon. Is it a good thing, is it too creepy, is it too addictive? Tonight, we have Grindr user perspectives from America’s East (Sean) and West Coasts (John) as well as stories […]